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ASD & SEND Roundup #28

weekly round up of autism and special needs blog posts & articles

It has been a crazy busy week with our wedding anniversary, my company offsite, a neighbourhood street party, Father's day lunch, and my brother is visiting us for 2 weeks from Seattle.

After such a crazy week it is lovely to be able to sit in my garden listening to the birds and take some time for myself. I am increasingly working out how important it is for me to take time out, especially when life gets busy. For years, I have been going to the doctors for blood tests as I was concerned about how tired I was on Saturday mornings ... no matter how much sleep I got. I now realise that I need Saturday mornings to myself in order to "power up" after the demands of the week and the pressures of parenting. After feeling guilty for so long, I am finally starting to accept that it is what I need to be able to function.

With a visitor in the house, Eldest has also had a difficult week. The first night he was wound up tighter than a spring, and it took us hours to get him to calm down enough to be able to go to bed. After a few days of being in a state of heightened anxiety, we seem to be calming down again. It has been a reminder to us that we need to prepare Eldest for when people come to visit us, and for us to ensure that we have something planned to help him work through his emotions during these times. My mum will be heading over to visit us from South Africa for a few weeks. Hopefully, we will be better prepared for her visit.

This week I was struck by two blog posts Scary Mommy's The Loneliness of Special Needs Parenting and Ellen Stumbo's Special Needs Parents you are not invisible, I see you. Being a special needs parent can be challenging, and incredibly lonely at times. The community of SEND parents can make such a difference, especially during the challenging times when you need understanding, advice and support from other parents who have been through similar challenges.  Please do get in touch if you have any questions - if I can't answer it, I know a great group of SEND parents who will be able to offer some advice.

A happy Father's Day to all the Dads, and all of the amazing mums.

Helen xx

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