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ASD & SEND Roundup #24

weekly round up of autism and special needs blog posts & articles

Last week saw a MAJOR achievement for us, Eldest overcame his lack of confidence on his bike and has started to cycle without us holding onto the back of the bike. The smile on his face and his new found eagerness for riding has been such a joy to see.

This week I came across the Council For Disabled Children's list of SEND Information and Advice providers. This is a handy reference of the key organisations that can help you, the type of help they can provide and contact details. Definitely one to bookmark!

Miriam from Faith Mummy has had a number of great posts recently, many of which have been shared in the press. Miriam is one of those bloggers who puts herself out there, by sharing not only her experiences but her thoughts as well. Her recent post about crying after he son had a meltdown on a train  is one such post where she talks of her tears and the kindness of those on the train.

After a couple of tough weeks at work, I have been thinking about the importance of resilience and the ability to bounce back from challenging times. This week I will be practicing emotional self-regulation and using calming techniques to help ensure my ongoing resilience.

Articles included in the roundup this week:
  • Pursuing Meaningful Work – An Interview with an Autistic Author 
  • Aspergers: Early Identification and Intervention 
  • Aspie Anger Control 
  • Scooter school; dossing about or progressing? 
  • Richard and Jaco: Life with Autism 
  • When online strangers become good friends. 
  • Mental Health and the Autism Mama - mrssavageangel 
  • How Resilience Works 
  • 8 Top Tips for a Successful Play-Date - Emmy's Mummy 
  • Birthdays and the emotional rollercoaster 
  • Employment as a Carer – what helps/doesn’t help 
  • ‘Parents Out Of Fuel’ 
  • When You Finally Accept That Things Aren't Going to Get Easier 
  • The Fight - war cry for an autism parent - Someone's Mum 
  • Break the rules, not their spirits 
  • Starting School Fears with SEN - The Reality 
  • The pursuit of parenting happiness 
  • Dear Mom of a Child With a Disability, I Celebrate You - Ellen Stumbo