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ASD & SEND Roundup #25

weekly round up of autism and special needs blog posts & articles

I was honoured this week to be listed, along with so many other great bloggers that I follow, as an inspiring autism mum. Looking through the mums listed there were a number that I have not come across before and I have really been enjoying reading the experiences and insights that they have shared.

With PDA awareness day on 15 May, I have been reflecting on how far we have come since this time last year when I shared my thoughts on why PDA awareness day is so important to me. In the past year my son has found a school who not only supports him, but also understands him and is sympathetic to the challenges we face as parents. Thanks to the South Bucks PDA group, we have been able to share ups and downs with other parents who face similar challenges and don't feel alone. If only more parents and families had this type of support network around them.

This week, I have been revisiting Rikos PDA journey who writes about their experiences and feelings as an adult with PDA. This is truly insightful for anyone who wants to understand more about PDA.

With so many great blog posts and articles this week, you may need more than one coffee (tea/ wine) to get through  them all.

Helen xx

Articles included in the roundup this week:
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  • DfE behaviour tsar: 'Dyslexia and ADHD are over-diagnosed crypto-pathologies' 
  • Increasing Situational Intelligence in 4 Easy Steps 
  • Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse 
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  • Using Schedules To Reduce Meltdowns - Mummy Times Two 
  • Shutting Down 
  • Autistic engine joins new Thomas The Tank Engine blockbuster film 
  • The reason I burst into tears in my son’s future school this morning - Someone's Mum 
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  • I put him to bed some nights and cry 
  • Parenting from a special perspective: Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat 
  • The First Actor with Autism to Play Curious Incident’s Autistic Lead Speaks Out | Playbill 
  • Autism Doesn't Define My Daughter. But It Does Make Her More And Not Less. - Mummy Times Two 
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  • Mental Health awareness, getting our heads together 
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