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Life with ASD Newsletter - no. 23

weekly round up of autism and special needs blog posts & articles

After the cold snap this week, I am looking forward to a bit more warmth and sunshine. Let's hope it comes soon.

This week, I came across a great video of Tony Attwood talking about autism in girls. In the video there was also some great insights into autism, and equally relevant for boys too, which I was particularly interested in. Definitely worth a watch.

I have been reading a number of posts this week by Miriam from Faith Mummy, who blogs about life with her twins, both who have autism. I could really relate to her post about Scanxiety, which talks about the anxiety she feels each time her son has a scan (he also has NF1) and has to wait for the results. Whilst we don't have to go for scans, it did remind me of the anxiety I felt each time we went for assessments and our EHCP reviews - only to wait to see what they would report back to us. The unknown can be so daunting.

With Eldest going through a phase of getting worked up over things at home, I read 40 calm down tools for older kids with interest. In particular I was interested in the Brainquest cards which are Q&A cards which I think eldest will really enjoy.

That's it from me, I am off to check that the frost has not wreaked havoc on the garden.

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