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Life with ASD Newsletter - no. 22

weekly round up of autism and special needs blog posts & articles

Back to school this week, and happy to say we made it through the Easter holidays.

With the end of April, the #yourJourneyMyBlog series that was run by Jodie from Autism with lots of love and Affection has come to a close. There were some really great stories shared by many families, including us.

Yvonne from Special Parents Handbook help a seminar to spread awareness on violent challenging behaviour, which I know has helped many parents dealing with this challenge to feel less alone.

I have also linked up with a new blogger, This Little Boy of Mine, who is a Stay at home wife and mum of three. Her youngest has ASD and suspected PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) syndrome. You can also find her on twitter. Do pop over and say hi.

Articles this week:
  • Happiness is a deep acceptance 
  • Wise Words 
  • They’re not asking for much.. 
  • Avoiding the E-Word (not thinking about our EHCP annual review) 
  • Understanding The Entire Spectrum Of Autism - Finding Cooper's Voice 
  • To the People I've Seen Less Since Becoming a Parent to Children With Special Needs 
  • Four Things My Severely Autistic Son Has Taught Me 
  • Tips for coping with the holiday period – Living with a Jude 
  • EHCP – The C isn’t compliance! 
  • Super Simple Hack to Revolutionize Your Morning Routine with Your Preschooler 
  • Tips for an Autism Friendly Bedroom and Bedtime Routine - Someone's Mum 
  • Behavior Social Stories - The Autism Helper 
  • Empathy didn't work. What do I do now? 
  • Do you have Magic Fairy Wings? 
  • Breaking the Silence on Violent Challenging Behaviour or VCB