Monday, April 25, 2016

Our strategies for eating out - with our son under the table

autism challenging behaviour and eating out

I am a food lover and enjoy nothing more than heading out to a restaurant for a family meal as a special treat.

This is not always easy as restaurants can be a perfect storm when it comes to our Son (6 years old), and the experience can quickly turn from a pleasant meal out to a full-on challenge of all our parenting skills.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Identifying with Alison (the A-Word) - a bully or a desperate mum?

being a tiger, and fighting for your child with autism to get them support.

The A Word has divided our household or more to the point Alison (Joe's mum) has my husband and I each taking different views about how she has reacted since receiving Joe's diagnosis of autism.

My husband took a disliking to Alison in the very first episode and this has dislike has increased with each episode, whilst I have identified with a mum who is fiercely protective of her child and wants to do everything in her power to help him despite now knowing what help it is that he needs.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Reflecting on watching the A Word (Ep 2)

Following on from watching the first episode of The A Word, I was keen to see how the story developed and how I would feel about the developments in the story.

This week we saw the family reacting to the diagnosis, and working out what is means for the young boy and themselves. Once again I found myself relating to the story, and reflecting on our experiences.

In particular there were two themes that I identified with - dealing with social isolation, and finding the right education setting.