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Dealing with bad days - and the guilt of not coping

there are days where I loose it - these are followed by quickly by guilt

Whilst I have come to understand more about PDAmeltdowns and the anxiety which drives much of my Son's behaviour, there are days when the frustration of trying to get him to do simple things becomes more that I can cope with.

Times when it all gets too much, when I snap and yell back - this is immediately followed by remorse, tears and an overwhelming sense of guilt for not having retained control of my emotions. Recently I had one of those days.

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Reflecting on watching The A Word

This week the BBC aired the first episode of The A Word. A 6 part family drama about a young boy who is diagnosed with Autism, and his family. In the first episode we see him being diagnosed (rather quickly, but I guess they need to make some adjustments for TV), and the initial reactions of his parents and their immediate family.

For the past few days I have been trying to work out how I felt about the programme - reflecting on our own experiences which were (are) very different to what happened in the show, and trying to think about what people who don't have personal experience of autism will take away from the show.

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An unexpected mothers day

a positive mothers day

I didn't have high hopes for mother's day this year.

My Son spent his last birthday party sitting under the table refusing to interact with his party guests, Christmas day was marked with extreme levels of excitement levels, and Valentines day "was cancelled for everyone" by my Son during a full-blown meltdown when I stuck a heart on his hand-made card the wrong way round (I went landscape rather than the expected portrait) after he asked me to help him finish the card for his dad. 

With this in mind, I didn't make any plans for mother's day as I didn't want a day filled with anxiety due to the additional demands that these types of days can bring to our Son. What I didn't know was that the family has other plans. 

What I didn't know was that the family had other plans.
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Autism & challenging behaviour - why I wished it was my poor parenting

Dealing with challenging behaviours, triggered by anxieties that we are only beginning to understand, has been one of the more difficult aspects of living with our Son's autism.

Many of the suggested strategies for children with autism have had little impact, and with the threat of another enforced school move we have been desperate for further assessments to provide further insight into his needs before things get any worse.

Having managed to secure an initial assessment with CAMHS, we were relieved when the mental health practitioner agreed to put our case forward to their team however there was one comment made that I can't stop reflecting on ....

I can see it is not due to inconsistent parenting

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