Thursday, December 10, 2015

An unexpected EHCP emergency review

Just as we were starting to feel hopeful about finding our way as a family, and getting the support from a school who understood our Son's needs more than we could possibly hope for, we are faced with the words that we had prayed we wouldn't need to hear again ....

We are unable to support your son's needs, and are requesting that he be found a different school setting as he is at risk of permanent exclusion

So after just 61 school days in his new school we are now faced with an emergency review of his EHCP, and the very real possibility that he will have to change schools again.

The tidal way of emotion since finding out the purpose of the meeting called by the school has hit me hard, as I am faced with trying to ensure the best possible outcome for my Son in a situation where I have very few insights on what is best for him.