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What I learnt applying for an EHCP

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We were overjoyed when we got our EHC plan despite having to negotiate further to get the right type of provisioning for our Son.

The stress and worry of trying to get it has definitely taken it's toll on us, but knowing that an average of 50% (source: bbc) of parental applications are turned down, typically for lack of evidence or the wrong type of evidence, we didn't feel like we had any room to complain.

When we first started applying for an EHC assessment we had little idea about what it was, and had to quickly work it out so that we could meet the first looming deadline.

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Published Thursday, October 01, 2015 by

Finding hope in a new school

We have started in a new school and are hopeful that our struggles are behind us. 

The Deputy Head and school teacher came to meet my Son to see if they felt that they would be an appropriate setting to support his needs, and seemed so supportive of trying to help. I didn't know how to react when they told them that they would do everything they could, so I smiled, closed the door and burst into tears.

We will do everything we can to help your son
--Deputy Head of our new school 

At last there was someone with a kind word, an offer of help and some assurances that we are not facing this on our own. We have now started at the school, and I truly hope they mean those words as it has not been an easy start.

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